​​​Jennifer Chang-Wathall 


"Jennifer Wathall is a Lynn Erickson certified presenter/trainer on Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction. She successfully completed an intense week of training in Montana, USA, July 2014 which included  48 hours of class time.  She had also completed  an additional 12 hours  of pre-requisite training. To become certified and licensed to use the  training materials, Jennifer had to complete a performance assessment--presenting on Concept-based to Lynn Erickson directly; and passing a written test on the knowledge and understandings from the training.

Besides a perfect score on the written test, Jennifer demonstrated exceptional presenter skills and abilities. Her ability to engage an audience, deliver the message clearly and fluently, and guide the learners to deep understanding demonstrated her star quality as a presenter. I recommend that any school wishing deep training on concept-based curriculum and instruction request Jennifer Wathall's services as a consultant. She is patient with learners, personable with audiences, and passionate for concept-based teaching and learning."

Dr. H. Lynn Erickson, Author and Educator


I’m glad to have attended Jennifer’s workshops of professional development. I can experience, like other participants, many useful pedagogical ideas, such as concept based teaching and learning, visible thinking and growth mindset, through the highly interactive and inspiring activities. We are engaged in meaningful discussion, sharing and collaborative reflection throughout the process.
My colleagues and I are very pleased to have the continuing support of Jennifer, as a mentor, lecturer and faculty advisor, in supervising our student teachers and developing our MEd courses in IB mathematics teaching. Her passion and expertise are clearly evident in her contribution to many aspects of our work.  
We also enjoy very much constant discussion and exploration about teaching and learning, wondering what could be better integration of pedagogies in different cultures and contexts, showing that she is truly an inquirer and reflective practitioner. 

Arthur Lee, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

"I have known Jennifer since 2011 when we collaborated together to plan and co-facilitate an IB workshop in Beijing, China. On our first planning meeting, it became immediately apparent that Jennifer is a passionate mathematics educator who possesses outstanding presentation skills. Jennifer has a warm and friendly personality coupled with a great sense of humour and the ability to relate positively to people from different backgrounds.She is able to effectively engage her audience in well designed and captivating learning activities that bring the audience and message together in a seamless process. Jennifer demonstrates astounding skills in terms of connecting with audience, using various technologies and facilitating complex mathematical concepts.I would highly recommend her as a facilitator for professional development courses."
Isaac Youssef, Mathematics Educator, IB Workshop Leader, IB Mathematics Higher Level Senior Moderator 

"I first met Jennifer at her IB SL Mathematics workshop at Bangkok Patana School, September 2012 and I can say it was one of the most dynamic workshops I had ever been on in 26 years of teaching the IB. Jennifer's style is one of making sure that her workshop participants are actively engaged at all times. What makes her stand out is her willingness to listen to her colleagues and provide support where appropriate. 

Jennifer is up to date with the use of technology, for example after she told me about Doceri. “I installed both the app and desktop there and then, and the next day I was helping workshop leaders present their material in a theatre with more than one hundred people present.” Since then this has allowed me to make over 1500 maths videos posted on YouTube. Jennifer has been keen to keep in contact with colleagues and this she does willingly whilst  running a Mathematics Faculty at Island School in Hong Kong.  Jennifer has organised many IB workshops across the Asia Pacific region and  is highly respected in the IB community."

Mark Willis, Maths Educator

"In 2012 I attended a 3-day IB Maths SL workshop where Jennifer Wathall was the workshop leader.  Throughout the workshop Jennifer used a range of activities to engage participants.  She established an environment in which the exchange of ideas was encouraged and highly valued.  Promised follow up, between sessions and after the workshop, was carried out promptly and without reservation.  Participation in Jennifer’s workshop has had a lasting impact on my teaching; for example, I integrate many of the activities introduced including Tarsia Puzzles, Treasure Hunts, etc into my teaching regime.  More importantly, Jennifer has become a cherished mentor and advocate!"

Marjut Mäenpää,  Mathematics Educator, Co- author of Mathematics for the International Education SL, Haese Publications

"Having already got the taste for concept based learning at an earlier joint school professional development session run by Jennie, we were fortunate enough to have her come and spend 23rd February, 2015 solely with our maths department upon request. She brought with her not only an extensive understanding of what a concept based curriculum is and how it can be taught, but a passion and unique style of presentation that provoked engagement, promoted collaboration and challenged us to question our own curriculum, both in terms of its documentation and delivery.
The structure of the sessions gave opportunity to reflect on our existing pedagogy and time to begin enhancing existing units of work by laying a concept based approach over them. The activities and examples provided were completely in line with the over-riding philosophy of the day and facilitated its main aim - that a concept based curriculum helps to develop conceptual understandings which are transferrable across year levels, programmes of study and ultimately, disciplines. Many Thanks Jennie!"

Matthew Lacey, Head of Mathematics, Renaissance College, Hong Kong

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop run by Jennifer in 2015 and her adept knowledge of concept-driven curriculum is very evident.  It was clear in her presentation that she brings both theory and practice together to provide a clear understand of how to implement a concept-driven curriculum for teachers. As a presenter, Jennifer is engaging and facilitates conversation to ensure participants reach a higher level of understanding.  Jennifer's approach to teaching mathematics in secondary schools will ensure students have the appropriate numerate skills for a changing future.  Her workshop is a must for any mathematics teacher!
Brendan Kean- Vice Principal, English Schools Foundation


I attended a Concept-Based Curriculum training course led by Jennifer and was really inspired by what I learned. Far too often, as teachers, we can become narrowly focused on the ‘topics’ that we are covering; with concepts there is a whole new opportunity for students to understand the ‘big ideas’ and the connections between different subjects. Jennifer skilfully guided us through how we can introduce students to a concept-based curriculum. I was really impressed with the method of writing ‘principles, generalisations’ which provide a framework for exploration. These generalisations can in fact make the focus of a lesson or series of lessons much more exciting, allowing students to break out of the constraints of a limited topic range. Ultimately, I left the course determined to try out a concepts based model with a new unit we are developing on Human Rights. With the conceptual lens, this promises to be a much more thought-provoking unit for our students. 

John Edwards, Head of History Department, King George V School, Hong Kong

We invited Jennifer to host an In-school workshop over Approaches To Teaching and Learning in the DP.  Right from the beginning Jennifer was engaging our teachers in discussions, group collaborations, and presentations.  It was inspiring to view first-hand our teachers pedagogical and content expertise, along with their shared enthusiasm.  As my years in administration further separate me from the experiences of being a classroom teacher, I enjoy workshops like these where I can stay up to date with the demands on our teachers, the current teaching strategies modeled as well as the pedagogical standards of tomorrow.  Throughout, Jennifer modeled this with ease, had our teachers directly working on these standards, guided when necessary, and most importantly listened and added depth in areas that she herself is an expert on; definitely more of an expert than any of us.  Thank you, Jennifer, for an inspiring and educational weekend workshop.    
Sonia Bustamante, Upper School Principal, Brent International School Manila

 I attended a category 3 IBDP ATT&ATL workshop that Jennifer led in early April (2016) in Sydney. Jennifer sets an excellent example of what lessons can look like when you want students to be engaged in their own learning and take responsibility for the learning process. When I came back from the workshop I immediately made changes to my lessons and used methods that she had let us 'discover' in the sessions. And although I am nervous about how some aspects might not work, so far my students have just 'run with it' and indicate that they are learning and understanding the concepts. It is fun to prepare new ways for your own students to learn. I truly enjoyed the mini field trip that put some aspects of teaching and learning even better into perspective.
Jennifer's understanding of classroom dynamics and collaboration, her inter-personal skills and expertise contributed hugely to the overall success of the workshop. If you are a seasoned IB educator and you are keen to learn some new methods for your teaching arsenal, you would enjoy this kind of workshop run by Jennifer!  

Kitty Keeman, IB Economics Educator and Examiner






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